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    Williams-Mystic challenges the standard definition of learning. For example, we believe a chat with an alligator wrangler may be as vital to scholarship as a conversation with an invasive species expert. Through this open-ended approach—and the magnifying lens of maritime studies—our faculty and staff passionately help students discover and develop their awareness, ambitions, and potential. Ultimately, Williams-Mystic students broaden educational goals by taking in all the intricacies of their environment—guided by our dedicated teachers, mentors, and professionals.

    James T. Carlton, Ph.D.

    Professor of Marine Sciences, Emeritus

    Lisa Gilbert, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor of Geosciences and Marine Science

    Course: Oceanographic Processes

    Glenn S. Gordinier, Ph.D.

    Robert G. Albion Historian

    Course: American Maritime History

    Catherine Robinson Hall, J.D.

    Senior Lecturer in Marine Policy

    Course: Marine Policy

    Richard J. King, Ph.D.

    Research Associate

    Mary K. Bercaw Edwards, Ph.D.

    Course: Literature of the Sea

    Michael Nishizaki, Ph.D.

    Visiting Assistant Professor of Marine Ecology

    Course: Marine Ecology

    Hannah Whalen

    Laboratory Manager and Teaching Assistant for the Sciences