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    Rich King Cormorant Head Shots-0003Richard King, Ph.D. 

    Course: Literature of the Sea


    860-572-5302 ext. 5262



    Rich earned his PhD on an ORS scholarship from the University of St. Andrews. His research focuses on the connections between sea voyage narratives and natural history. He is the author of the interdisciplinary books Lobster, acclaimed by The New York Times and Wall Street Journal, and The Devil’s Cormorant: A Natural History, named by Library Journal as one of the top five best science books of 2013. He is the Series Editor for a forthcoming collection of books about America’s relationship with the sea published by the University Press of New England. Rich has written numerous popular and scholarly articles, reviews, and interviews in periodicals such as Natural History, Scottish Literary Review, Hemingway Review, Leviathan, and Cruising World. He writes a quarterly column titled “Animals in Sea History” for Sea History magazine. Rich is also a Fellow of the Goodwin-Niering Center for the Environment at Connecticut College. He has been sailing on tall ships for over fifteen years, traveling throughout the Northern Atlantic and Pacific Oceans as both a teacher and a sailor.

    Rich incorporates creative writing and the visual and dramatic arts into the Literature of the Sea course at Williams-Mystic. He is a professional illustrator himself, creating ink and watercolor drawings for many of his articles. He has illustrated two children’s books on maritime topics, notably Women and the Sea—and Ruth!. Rich edits the Searchable Sea Literature website, which is designed and researched by Williams-Mystic students. He regularly hosts summer research students and encourages undergraduates in any major to contact him about literature of the sea.