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    Academic Links

    When you’re studying the world’s oceans at Williams-Mystic, you’ll begin to see the connection between what you’re studying and how it influences everything around us. Below is a list of interesting links you’ll find helpful in wanting to explore these issues further. Please email us if you know of a link we should add!

    Mystic Seaport Museum
    G.W. Blunt White Library
    Mystic Seaport Museum Home Page

    Maritime History
    Historical and Educational Maritime Groups
    Index to Ships in Books (created and maintained by WM alum Peter McCracken)
     Maritime History Resources, A Collection
    • Ships and their Freight Cargo

    Literature of the Sea
    Searchable Sea Literature
    The Walt Whitman Archive
    Representative Poetry Online, University of Toronto
    Melville Society
    Melville’s Marginalia Online
    Association for Study of Literature and the Environment
    The Life and Legacy of Rachel Carson
    The Ballad of Sir Patrick Spens
    The Catch: Writings from Downeast Maine 

    Marine Policy
    National Marine Fisheries Service
    New England Fisheries Management Council
    National Sea Grant
    Rhode Island Sea Grant maintained by University of Rhode Island
    National Marine Sanctuaries maintained by NOAA
    Maritime Global Net - Links to current events in shipping
    Fishery Market News maintained by NOAA
    Whaling.Com, an Environmental News Service maintained by WorldNews.Com
    Professional Mariner On-Line, News of the Shipping Industry maintained by Professional Mariner magazine

    Marine Sciences
    • Climate News
    • Marine Weather Forecasts
    • El Nino
    • Tsunami Bulletins
    • Earthquake Hazards
Erupting Volcanoes
    • Harmful Algal Bloom Forecast
    • Fishbase
    Long Island Sound Study