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    The experience of a lifetime,
    no experience required.

    Field Seminars

    Immersive learning is essential to a well-rounded education, which is why Williams-Mystic includes three extended field seminars each semester. We voyage ten days on the open sea sailing a 130 ft tall ship, and travel for weeks on the road along the Pacific and Gulf Coasts. Our goal: to see three American coastlines in one semester. We live on the Atlantic Ocean and travel to the Pacific Ocean and Gulf of Mexico.

    On field seminars, faculty and staff join students as we venture to many locations off the beaten path, beyond the typical tourist attractions. Lectures are held aboard ships, on the beach, at historical sites, in shipping terminals, and even in the middle of redwood forests. Our classroom travels with us and learning is intertwined with the journey.

    Fall Semester

    • Offshore Voyage: Gulf of Maine
    • Pacific Coast: Northern California
    • Gulf of Mexico: Louisiana

    Spring Semester

    • Offshore Voyage: Caribbean
    • Pacific Coast: Pacific Northwest (Oregon & Washington)
    • Gulf of Mexico: Louisiana