Williams-Mystic challenges the standard definition of learning. We believe a chat with an alligator wrangler may be as vital to scholarship as a conversation with an invasive species expert. Our faculty and staff help students discover and develop their awareness, ambitions, and potential. Ultimately, Williams-Mystic students broaden educational goals by taking in all the intricacies of their environment—guided by our dedicated teachers, mentors, and professionals.

Mary K. Bercaw Edwards, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Course: Literature of the Sea

Alicia Maggard, Ph.D. 

Maritime Historian

Course: Maritime History

Catherine (Katy) Robinson Hall, J.D.

Associate Professor

Course: Marine Policy

Lisa Gilbert, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Geosciences and Marine Science

Course: Oceanographic Processes

Tim Pusack, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Course: Marine Ecology