Associate Professor (Curriculum Vitae

Course: Policy

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Undergraduate Institution: University of Rhode Island, Marine Affairs

Graduate Institution: Vermont Law School, Corporations and Ethics

Law Concentrations: Wetland, Coastal, and Water Law

Katy has litigated hundreds of cases relating to watershed, wetland, and coastal resource protection. She has drafted numerous regulatory policies, laws and regulations influencing land and water use, coastal resources, environmental enforcement and administrative practice. As a former Deputy Chief Legal Counsel at the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management, Katy cofounded the agency’s environmental mediation program, served as the Department’s Public Ethics Officer, and was a liaison between the state environmental agency and federal Environmental Protection Agency to help develop uniform environmental policies. She has published articles on coastal policy (public trust doctrine) and water law, and has inspired numerous alumni to pursue graduate study in marine policy and other areas that affect positive change in policies regarding the sea and coast. Katy is an spring 1984 alumna of the Williams-Mystic.