Rachel Scudder

Visiting Assistant Professor


Pronouns: she/her

Email: [email protected]

Course 2021-22:
MAST 211 / GEOS 210: Oceanographic Processes

Undergraduate Institution: The University of New Hampshire, Earth Sciences

Graduate Institution: Boston University (MA and PhD), Earth Sciences

Research: What is marine sediment made of?

Rachel’s research specialty is the identification and quantification of dispersed volcanic ash and other sources within marine sediment using a combined geochemical and statistical approach. When used in conjunction with discrete layers, the dispersed ash record provides valuable insight into many aspects of earth’s history relating to volcanism and arc evolution, and also addresses important questions relating to climate change, geochemical mass balances, hydration of marine sediment during alteration, the geodynamics of subduction zones, and other key components of the earth-ocean-atmosphere system. Rachel has participated in a number of scientific research cruises on vessels ranging from the SSV Cramer to the D/V Chikyu.

This is Rachel’s second time being a visiting assistant professor at Williams-Mystic and she is thrilled to be back! Rachel is a teacher at heart. In addition to Williams-Mystic, she spends her days as a high school chemistry teacher. Rachel has recently moved to Providence, RI and is excited to explore the city.