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    Tim Pusack, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor of Marine Ecology at Williams-Mystic

    Course: Marine Ecology

    [email protected]

    860-572-5359 ext. 5

    Tim Pusack is an Assistant Professor at Williams College and teaches Marine Ecology for the Williams-Mystic Program.  Prof Pusack’s research focuses on why and how species exists in their particular habitats. His work includes studies of community ecology, species interactions, dispersal, and adaptation. For his Ph.D. at Oregon State University, he used  genetic and field ecology techniques to study larval dispersal and the Lionfish invasion. As a Post-Doctoral Scholar at the University of South Florida, he studied how fluctuation in abiotic conditions affected species interactions on and persistence of oyster reefs.

    Pusack is passionate about teaching. Before joining the faculty at Williams-Mystic, he taught Ecology, Environmental Science, and developed a Marine Ecology field course at the Keys Marine Laboratory in the Florida Keys.  He is also an avid hiker and SCUBA diver.