Assistant Professor

Marine Ecology

Pronouns: he/him

Email: [email protected]






Courses 2020-21:
MAST/ENVI 263 The Global Ocean: An Interdisciplinary Introduction (Fall)
MAST/ENVI 265 Coral Reefs: Ecology, Threats, and Conservation (Fall)

Undergraduate Institution: Colgate College, Natural Sciences

Graduate Institution: Oregon State University, Integrated Biology

Research: How and why marine species exist in particular habitats

Tim studies community ecology, species interactions, dispersal, and adaptation. While working towards his Ph.D., Tim used genetic and field ecology techniques to study larval dispersal and the lionfish invasion. As a Postdoctoral Scholar at the University of South Florida, he studied how fluctuation in abiotic conditions affected species interactions on and persistence of oyster reefs.

Tim is passionate about teaching. Before joining the faculty at Williams-Mystic, he taught Ecology and Environmental Science at Keys Marine Laboratory in the Florida Keys and developed a Marine Ecology field course at the Keys Marine Laboratory in the Florida Keys. He is also an avid hiker and SCUBA diver.