Marine and Coastal Policy Research Group

Marine and Coastal Policy Research Group

In the Marine Policy course, each student is a member of the Marine and Coastal Policy Research Group.  Each student chooses to study a current unresolved question impacting America’s coastlines and oceans. They then interview a myriad of stakeholders with a vested interest in the outcome of the issue, examine relevant federal and state laws, regulations, and conduct cross-disciplinary research in order to develop credible policy strategies and solutions to their real-world problems.

This problem-based approach empowers students to gain the knowledge, confidence, and skills to address major questions and issues in all fields. It also provides the coastal stakeholder community with an opportunity to benefit from capable research, objective investigations, and collaboration with the only undergraduate college program that examines the ocean from an interdisciplinary lens, while seeking opportunities to empower global problem-solving.

Research Projects

Gabrielle Granata, Williams College Fall 2020: A Coastal Climate Injustice: Chelsea, MA 

Jinwoo Kang, Williams College Fall 2020: A Fighting Chance: Cancer Alley 

Kate Gehl S’20: Wakesurfing in the Newberg Pool on Oregon’s Willamette River: Recreation, Preservation, and Regulation

Stefan Kuklinsky S’20: Pollution in Port: Cruise Ship Emissions – Problems and Solutions

Dominick Leskiw S’20: Total At-Sea Monitoring: Balancing Catch Report Accuracy And Industry Costs In New England’s Groundfish Fishery

Zach Arfa F’19: The Future of Maine Aquaculture: Growth and Sustainability in Fish Farming

Hazel Atwill F’19: The Future of the Liquified Natural Gas Facility in Tacoma, Washington

Jeff Erazo F’19: Protecting New Jersey’s Meadowlands and Local Communities from Floods and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Colin Goodbred F’19: Towards Sustainable Native Hawaiian Access to Green Sea Turtle Take