Fall 2018 Academic Calendar

August 27 — Arrival day and opening dinner
September 2–12 — Offshore Field Seminar
September 21–23 — Alumni Reunion Weekend
September 29–October 6 — Pacific Northwest Field Seminar
November 5–9 — Louisiana Field Seminar
December 21 — Departure day

Each semester is 17 weeks.  Fall semesters begin late August and end mid-December; spring semesters run from late January through mid-May. In both the fall and spring semesters, students, staff, and faculty travel together on three interdisciplinary field seminars: the offshore voyage, the Pacific Coast Field Seminar, and the Gulf Coast Field Seminar.

Dates are subject to change.  Students will receive a more comprehensive schedule once the semester begins, which will include day trips, special classes, and events.

2018-2019 Semester Dates

Spring 2019

January 21 — Arrival day and opening dinner
January 27–February 6 — Offshore Field Seminar
March 9–16 — California Field Seminar
April 1–5 — Louisiana Field Seminar
May 17 — Departure day

2019-2020 Semester Dates

Fall 2019

August 26 — Arrival day and opening dinner
December 20 — Departure day

Spring 2020

January 20 — Arrival day and opening dinner
May 15 — Departure day