Deep below the surface
lies amazing insight.


Creating a rigorous academic curriculum accredited by Williams College demands the input of top scholars, marine experts, and historians. Williams-Mystic has created a truly revolutionary educational experience. This semester long program is founded on the principles of collaborative faculty teaching, where all coursework becomes part of the big picture—the world’s oceans. Our students immerse themselves in four courses: Maritime History, Marine Policy, Literature of the Sea, and the Marine Sciences. Students attend regular weekly classes as well as uniquely structured cross-course seminars and panels with scholars and industry professionals.

Our interdisciplinary philosophy serves our alumni well, whatever their future studies and career goals may be. They learn to lead and to listen, to consider and create, to research beyond hallowed halls and out into the real world. Williams-Mystic’s coursework readies our students not just for graduation or graduate school. It prepares them for a meaningful life.