Through the Center for Learning in Action, Williams College students are encouraged to pursue community-based research projects in partnership with community organizations and initiatives. Below are opportunities that can easily be connected to a semester spent with Williams-Mystic.

Winter Study Courses

Fieldwork in Public Affairs and Private Non-Profits (PSCI 21)

In this course students can work on special projects or initiatives for a community organization host. The time commitment is approximately 90 hours over 3.5 weeks.

Mystic Seaport Museum, our campus and the nation’s leading maritime history museum, could be a wonderful place to complete this course for a Williams student regardless of if they have completed the program or not.


Winter Study Courses Offered at Mystic

In 1977, Dr. Ben Labaree founded Williams-Mystic after years of taking students to Mystic, Connecticut for a winter study course. Dr. Christian Thorne is hosting a winter study course at Mystic Seaport Museum in 2020. ENGL 26 will center around Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick through not just small-group discussions and close reading but also through having firsthand experiences with many of the places, objects, and experiences that were part of Melville’s world.


Other Opportunities

Sentinels Public Policy Research Fellowships

Students receive funding  and faculty guidance for 8-10 week summer research projects focused on contemporary issues in U.S. economic, environmental or social policy, including community and regional development.

A Williams-Mystic research project could be a starting point for the research necessary to complete a sentinels public policy research fellowship.

For more information, contact Paula Consolini (pconsoli​@williams​.edu), Director of the Center for Learning in Action or other Sentinels Selection Committee members: Professor Cathy Johnson, Professor Nicole Mellow and Professor Stephen Sheppard.