Financial Aid

Williams-Mystic has a need-blind admission process. Financial concerns should never prevent any student from participating in Williams-Mystic.

All admitted students are automatically considered for Williams-Mystic financial aid, which takes the form of grants. On-campus jobs are also available to all students.

Upon acceptance, all students may apply for financial aid from Williams-Mystic.

  • All Williams-Mystic financial aid is in the form of scholarships; we do not issue loans.
  • We award financial aid on the basis of need.
  • We work closely with every student to ensure that their Williams-Mystic semester costs no more than an equivalent semester at their home college or university. 
  • Williams-Mystic also awards several special grants each semester. We thank our alumni, parents, and other contributors to our scholarship fund for their generosity in supporting these grants.

Please contact us if you have any concerns about affording Williams-Mystic. We work with every student, up to and including students who pay nothing out of pocket to attend their home schools, to ensure financial need is not a barrier to attendance. We have substantial scholarship funds available to help meet this goal.

Our Financial Aid Procedure

Once a student is admitted, a member of our admissions team will work closely with that student to:

  • Determine how funds from the student’s home college can apply to Williams-Mystic, in accordance with the policies of the student’s home college or university.
  • Determine how much the student (and, where applicable, their family) pays out of pocket for a semester — or, for schools using the quarter or trimester system, an equivalent term(s) — at their home college or university.
  • Determine the student’s Williams-Mystic scholarship, in line with our policy of keeping the out-of-pocket costs identified in part (2) the same as these costs would be for a semester or equivalent term at the student’s home college or university.

Almost every Williams-Mystic student receives substantial financial aid from their home college, Williams-Mystic, or, most often, both. We work closely with every student to ensure that financial need will not stand in the way of attending Williams-Mystic, and to ensure that Williams-Mystic will not impose an additional financial burden on the student or on anyone else paying for their education.

Financial Aid Application Requirements

  • Completed Financial Aid and Transferable Funds worksheets (sent by admissions upon acceptance)
  • Most recent copy of your award letter from your home institution


We work with the Williams College Office of Student Financial Services to issue bills and process payment. As the semester approaches, we work with each of our students to set up their Student Account Center, through which all billing and payment is handled. In cases where someone other than the student wishes to make a payment, the student is responsible for adding this person as an authorized user on their Student Account Center.

We are happy to address any of your questions ourselves (you can reach us at [email protected] or by calling 860-572-5359), but questions about billing and payment may be better answered by the Office of Student Financial Services, which you can reach at 413-597-4181 or at [email protected]