Financial Aid

Williams-Mystic has a need-blind admission process. Financial concerns should never prevent any student from participating in Williams-Mystic. Most financial aid packages will transfer, including federal grants and loans. All students are eligible to apply for Williams-Mystic financial aid; work-study jobs are also available to all students.

Upon acceptance, all students may apply for financial aid from Williams-Mystic.

  • We award financial aid on the basis of need and strive to meet 100% of demonstrated financial need.
  • The typical student pays no more for Williams-Mystic than they would for a semester at their home college or university.
  • Williams-Mystic also awards several special grants each semester. We thank our alumni, parents, and other contributors to our scholarship fund for their generosity in supporting these grants.

Please contact us if you have any concerns about affording Williams-Mystic. We work with every student to ensure financial need is not a barrier to attendance.

To Apply for Financial Aid

We encourage every accepted student to apply for financial aid. As a need-blind program, we work with every admitted student to ensure we can meet his or her financial need.

Financial Aid Application Requirements

  • Completed Financial Aid and Transferable Funds worksheets (sent by admissions upon acceptance)
  • Most recent copy of your award letter from your home institution

Tuition & Fees

Comprehensive fees for 2018-2019

Tuition/Field Seminars: $27,570
Room:   $3,675
Board:   $3,575
Activities Fees:      $155
Total: $34,975

All costs for travel (including flights to/from field seminars) and food during the semester are included in our comprehensive fee.

Average cumulative book cost: ~ $75 – $125

Note: Almost all students who participate in Williams-Mystic receive substantial financial assistance from us, from their home institution, and often from both. Please contact us to learn how you can afford Williams-Mystic.