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    Make lifelong connections
    as you learn how all life connects.

    It’s quite likely that Williams-Mystic will change you. You may leave our program with an entirely new outlook on learning, ready to take on new challenges back at your home institution. Some students change majors or alter their career paths. Others apply the profound physical, mental, and emotional growth to their long-held passion—be it science, art, law, medicine, public service—or to their everyday experience of the world. Two universal outcomes define Williams-Mystic alum: a passion for the ocean and for learning.

    At Williams-Mystic, you will open your mind to a world of wonder—and also close a door of doubt. An experience like no other, your semester is an opportunity to truly get to know yourself, make profound intellectual connections, establish a deeper outlook, and prepare for the great opportunities life has for you. We have it from our alumni sources: you will never be the same. You’ll be so much more.