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    Svati Narula
    “Williams-Mystic made me realize that my obsession with the ocean is well-founded!”



    Williams-Mystic Fall 2011
    Dartmouth College ’13: Government major
    Williams-Mystic Skill: Basic Watercraft Skills

    “The experiential design of the program is the main thing, but I think what’s also really special is the way the program fosters relationships between students and professors. There’s something about going on road trips with your professors—I’ll never forget singing along to the Beach Boys in the backseat of a minivan as we crossed the Golden Gate bridge in a caravan of Williams-Mystic vehicles.”


    Svati Narula is a reporter for Quartz.

    “My job involves writing, every day of the week, about the most interesting and relevant things/ideas/people/events in the global business world. I write about a wide range of topics: everything from Greek shipwrecks to Greek yogurt. I try to write about the sea as much as possible.”


    Svati was previously an Editorial Fellow at The Atlantic, where she wrote about business and the environment. She has written and edited for a number of other magazines and blogs and spent the summer following her Williams-Mystic semester writing and editing with Dr. Richard King.


    “I’ve been able to write stories about the environment and the ocean with a perspective that a lot of other reporters don’t have. I like to think that I’ve done a better job on certain stories because of my background knowledge from Williams-Mystic.”