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    Christian Petrangelo F04, Middlebury College“Williams-Mystic’s interdisciplinary focus showed me how connected everything really is…”




    Williams-Mystic Fall 2004
    Middlebury College ’06: History major/Italian minor
    Williams-Mystic Skill: Basic Watercraft Skills
    Favorite Research Project: “A Painter’s Dichotomy: Picturesque and Sublime Maritime Art Elements As Reflections of Nineteenth-Century American Culture”


    Christian Petrangelo is an environmental lawyer at Enhesa, Inc.  He advises multinational corporate clients, many of them Fortune 500 companies, on their environmental regulatory compliance obligations under state and federal law.

    Between Then and Now:

    After Williams-Mystic, Christian attended the London School of Economics ’09 (M.Sc., Environmental Policy) and Vermont Law School ’12 (J.D., Environmental Law).

    “Williams-Mystic put me on the path to a career in the environmental field and gave me the academic and networking resources to help get me there.  Williams-Mystic’s interdisciplinary focus showed me how connected everything really is in the world of maritime studies, just as it is in the greater field of environmental law and policy.”

    “I’m pleasantly surprised everyday how much my science education (especially chemistry) helps me to understand some of the more dense and technical regulations.”

    Favorite Memory: Watching the sunrise over Rockland Harbor with C Watch on our last day at sea.