Out your window, a salty breeze, a majestic barque, 17 acres of coastal grounds, a charming seaside town, and your future.

Our Campus

Each semester, about 20 students come to call Mystic, CT home. When not at sea or traveling on our field seminars, you’ll live cooperatively in one of five fully restored, 19th-century homes (numbers 2, 3, 6, 7 and 8 on the map) at Mystic Seaport.

Policy class in the Masin Room.

Our administrative and faculty offices are in Labaree House (1). The Carlton Marine Science Center or MSC (5) provides the main classroom and laboratory space for the science classes, in addition to serving as a 24-hour study space. The Masin Room, located in Mystic Seaport’s newly built Thompson Building, houses our policy, literature, history and science classes–and boasts beautiful views of the Mystic River Estuary. Sturges Cottage (4) is a 24-hour student life center with workout equipment, games, a television, a piano, a reading nook, and lounge space.

But learning doesn’t end there: all of Mystic Seaport becomes your classroom. The Museum’s 17 coastal acres and 60 buildings provide a unique and inviting setting for all four of your classes and free time.

From our campus, you can walk into town, take a trip to the beach, go for a run along the Mystic River, use one of the Williams-Mystic sailing or power vessels, and enjoy 24-hour access to the Mystic Seaport grounds. There’s nothing like waking up and seeing the outline of tall ship masts outside your window and smelling the salt breezes.

Once the semester is over, you’ll come back to visit “your” house at Alumni Weekend each fall and will think of all the fun memories you shared there. You’ll come to call this place home, too.