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    New adventures every day.
    New friends for a lifetime.


    Between four and seven students live in each of our five historic houses, located adjacent to Mystic Seaport and the Mystic River. These 19th-century homes, where shipbuilders, mill workers, and fishermen once lived, are now outfitted with wireless Internet connections and the furnishings and comforts of a modern home. Our houses are equipped with a full kitchen, with everything from a coffee pot to cookie sheets and teaspoons. Each house also has a washer and dryer, as well as a driveway for student vehicles. Students who have been living in college dormitories and eating in dining halls enjoy the freedom and fun of cooperative living. Williams-Mystic staff members serve as house advisors, as a resource for all housing needs.

    The atmosphere is warm and casual, yet intellectually invigorating, as you live and study with students from many different colleges. An American studies major from Tufts may be the roommate of a music major from Oberlin; a marine biology major from the University of Connecticut may live with an English major from Carleton; a Chinese major from Wellesley may share a house with an engineering major from the University of California. The combinations allow unlimited opportunities for you to gain new perspectives.

    Cooperative Living

    Just as members of a ship’s crew develop an extraordinary bond through shared experience and mutual trust, your class becomes melded together by the dynamics of Williams-Mystic. Students prepare family-style dinners together and share in all of the responsibilities of daily life, often inviting Williams-Mystic faculty, staff, and even Mystic Seaport employees to share a meal. Each house also receives a grocery check every week that covers the costs of provisions. We do our best to consider every detail when placing students in their homes; for example, vegetarians often live together, early-risers may share a house, and night owls may share another.